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Carl Black

Name: Carl Black
Age: 30’s
Hometown: Chicago
Bio: Carl Black is a divorced father of two and the sole proprietor of an electronics installation company called, “Don’t Hate Wiring”. After unexpectedly comes up on a new client, “Wings-n-Thangs”, Carl moves his new wife Lorena, his daughter Allie, son Carl Jr., his cousin Cronut and his  company to Beverly Hills, California in search of a better life.

Thinking he has left all his troubles behind in Chicago, Carl forgot about the fast approaching national night of the Purge. Follow Carl and his family as they try and evade the typical horror movie outcome.

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The Purge is Black April 1st 2016!

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  • Carl Black - Mike Epps
  • Carl Black - Mike Epps
  • Carl Black - Mike Epps
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